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Welcome To Size Matters

Your First Class Toronto Limousine Service

Toronto Limousine Service

Are you…

  • Dreaming of an exquisite ride in a luxurious and spacious car that will make you and your loved ones go gaga?

  • Have asked out your crush for a date to an exotic location and want her to feel the most special so that she remembers it all her life?

  • Want to make a dramatic entry to your wedding venue in ultimate poise and style?

  • Or have to discuss important business related issues with your esteemed client when you both have a time crunch?


Then, we at Sizematters Limousines present before you the indelible answer to all your dreams and desires! So just remember, the name, its one and only one in your city.

Sizematters Limousine company provides Toronto limousine services for services ranging from personal events such as awedding to corporate events such as seminars and conferences.

We have specially designed the wedding limo to give you a lifelong lasting experience and helping you to cherish all your dreams.

Corporate limos in Toronto allow you to innovate new ideas, new opportunities, new adventures, and new projects by providing you a world-class feeling, while not compromising on luxury.


Why Choose Size Matters as Your Toronto Limousine Service?


A highly renowned, luxurious and esteemed Toronto Limousine company, Sizematters.ca is the one stop shop for all of those who are passionate about class and sophisticated impressions!

Incredible provision of clean, well-conditioned, new limousines with reliable and prompt chauffeurs is destined to leave you feeling pampered and upscale.


Have a question or special request? Call us at 416 266 4266


Auto Loans In Canada


Rule #1


Be cool. Try not to let your excitement show. If Martin panted this obviously over a prospective date, he'd probably find himself going to the movies alone. Do your homework before you start shopping and keep your wits about you.

If you are susceptible to sales tactics, consider bringing someone with you when you visit the dealership. And although it sounds totally uncool, if you are young like our friend Martin, think about bringing a parent to help with negotiations. The embarrassment of a chaperone for one afternoon can save you from making a rash decision in the heat of the moment (and years of regret as you make overpriced payments month after month).


The Variables


Most people finance their vehicles these days. We've all heard horror stories about the car sales guys. But what about the finance people? Keep in mind that there are three ways for an auto dealership to make money on you:

  • The price of the vehicle. Even if you pay the dealer's "invoice price," there is a 2% profit margin built into this price. There also may be kickbacks from the carmaker that are not revealed to the consumer. If you want to see the exact manufacturer's invoice price, you can look it up with the information published twice a year by Edmunds, either from their books titled Edmunds Used Cars and Truck Prices and Ratings and Edmunds New Cars Prices and Reviews , Before you step foot onto the lot, make sure you are armed with information about the invoice price of the vehicle you have selected.

  • Trade-in value of the car. The folks at the dealership are naturally going to offer you as little money for your trade-in as possible. A common tactic is to combine the two transactions of your car deal and your tradein by coming up with the total amount of cash you need to get into your new car. This is an attempt to distract you from the money (or lack of it) you are getting for your trade-in. (It also works to distract you from the price of the car.) A salesman will always ask you if you are considering trading in your car. Tell him that you don't know yet, and proceed to negotiate the price of the new car. Only after you have agreed on the price of your purchase should you begin discussions on the value of your trade-in. And yes, you guessed it the best place to find the value of your trade-in is Edmunds or the Kelly Blue Book Both of these online references have current data on the value of most used car models.

  • Financing. Be very wary of obtaining financing at an auto dealer. True, you can get some good deals at an auto dealership. (Remember the 1% financing that was going on in the early 90s?) We'll discuss this financing option in more detail shortly.

If you are getting a good deal on one of the above three areas, most likely the folks at the dealership are trying as hard as possible to make money on one of the other aspects of the deal. We all have better things to do with our evenings, but it really does pay to do your homework before visiting your friendly car dealership. Do your research and bring your notes with you.

If you are getting a good deal on one of the above three areas, most likely the folks at the dealership are trying as hard as possible to make money on one of the other aspects of the deal. We all have better things to do with our evenings, but it really does pay to do your homework before visiting your friendly car dealership. Do your research and bring your notes with you.

Book Your Limo Today!

Reserve your Toronto limo as early as possible as last-minute reservations cost a premium. This is especially the case during wedding and prom season. That's why Toronto limo providers get booked months in advance.

Martin's Story

Martin, single and just out of college, is looking for the ultimate "chick magnet" on wheels. Through his college years, he managed to save all of about $1.75 while accumulating $22,000 in student loans. But no worry. He just landed a job as a computer programmer, so fat paychecks are in his future.

What is of utmost importance to Martin at the moment is the little red Spyder convertible he just took for a test drive. He's seen women swoon over this car and it's time that some of that swooning included him.

Nearly panting as he sits in the sales office with his salesman, Bernie, it's clear that Martin wants this car at any price. Bernie is blissful, too, sensing that this one commission will finance the diamond engagement ring that will make his girlfriend so happy.

Shopping for a car loan is not just about getting approved. Obviously, you must also consider the rate involved. If you want to save a lot of time and money, then maybe you should check New Car Canada's financing options. They provide guaranteed approvals regardless of Car Loans Toronto at very reasonable rates. You won't even have to put up a down payment on any car that you want financed.

Esteban's Story

Esteban is an above-average senior in high school who wants to pursue a college degree in business. His schooling is important to him, but so is his girlfriend Sarah. They want to attend the same college so they can continue to spend as much time together as possible. Both apply to their state university.

Sarah's acceptance letter, to her delight, includes notification that she w ill r eceive a full scholarship. Esteban's includes a pile of information on financial aid. For the next three weeks, they put their heads together investigating potential grants and loans, and filling out all the paperwork to apply.

By the time school rolls around in the fall, Esteban has r eceived two grants and taken out a student loan to pay for his tuition and books. Along with a part-time job waiting tables at the local hamburger joint, and the small savings his parents are contributing to his college costs, he is set financially to begin school. And be with his girl.

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