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Hummer Limo

Toronto Hummer Limo Service

Perfect amalgamation of the free spirits, ruggedness, jolliness and playfulness; a brand new Hummer Limo is what will suit all your needs when you want to celebrate that fun loving, freaking out and bonhomie mood! Right from our tremendously well kept and maintained fleet of limousines; our hummer limos have played since time unknown with the fancies and whims of our prestigious clients.


No matter what the occasion is, if you are still young at heart, Sizematters.ca present before you a maverick and breath taking hummer limo! Be it a prom night when you are in the party mood with your bunch of high school mates or a grand celebration of your 60th birthday with your old (but young at heart) friends; a tour around the town with your friends and loved ones hopping from one hotspot to another or a ride to your exotic honeymoon location; we have everything that perfectly blends with all your demands and reasons


Turn those heads with a Hummer limo!


In contrast to the stretch limos, the hummer limos have been designed in a contemporary fashion with an extended feature of ground clearance and an impressive imposing exterior. The SUV fans will be fascinated by the exuberant features and services provided by Sizematters.ca to its Hummer Limo guests! There is a wide range of colors, designs as well as model and make from which you can easily make a choice about what your dream ride is going to be.


  • The H1 hummer limo is able to accommodate 3-4 people very easily along with a lot of cargo and baggage space as you desire bringing. An ideal SUV rugged ride, a hummer limo can take you smoothly through the wild streets of Toronto as well as through the bustling and beautiful Ontario countryside.
  • The stretch H1 limo, on the other hand, can seat up to a whole lot of 15-20 passengers easily and is the perfect choice for a large group outing. This incredibly designed and styled stretch limo has the awesome attractive features of a fog creating machine to create the much needed party effect, strobe lights as well as 2 LCD plasma screens.
  • Another remarkable choice of Hummer limo for you to pick is the super stretch H2 Hummer limo that can easily accommodate around 20-25 people in its wide chest. It is a majestic Hummer limo that has all the existing features of the Hummer limo along with the extended features of dimmable ceiling and floor lights for that night party effect and ambiance that comes with a high end good technology sound system.


Think no more and rent a Hummer Limo!


Sizematters.ca caters to your requirements and demands, around the regions of GTA, Durham and Ontario along with Montreal and Quebec also. Wait no more and save your time by availing our exquisite and reliable services and make the best use of our highly qualified and acclaimed staff, having an experience of 15 years in the hospitality and custom coach business.


We assure you that you will definitely come back again!