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Sizematters.ca is known for its service and quality of the service being offered to the customers. We are the new era in the services that we offer and we have been the name of limo service right from the start of our service. We are in the luxury car rental services for a long time and we are able to fly on the top of all the services, as we value the customer services and quality. We offer the greatest luxury not just in the cars but also in the interiors of the car.


We offer services in most parts of Ontario and especially at Scarborough; we have the name of being the most sought services.




We value the safety of our customers to the greatest extent. The cars are so designed to bring the confidence in the customers that we value their safety first. We offer safe and reliable services. We understand that our way of ensuring you safety can very well influence you in deciding on our service. And this parts of our statement makes our customers happy as well as we value their safety to the utmost possible level. Safety comes first followed by various other value add services that we offer.




We ensure that our customers are enjoying the comfort on the way to your destination. We are known for our Stretch Limousine service as there are lots of things to stretch for. Your comfort, your happiness, your safety – we stretch all these watch words to the next level during our journey to your destination. We have got many customers because of the way we offer our services. Starting from comfort till the bonus value adds, we are always at our best.


We accept that our business is booming and we are set apart from rest of our competitors because of the way we offer the service. Our fleets come with lots of extraordinary services.




We ensure that you come back to us again and also make sure to inspire you with our quality. We have no excuse not to inspire you with our service. And all you need is just an occasion to call us back. We will be there at your doorstep waiting to service you in the whole new world of rental services. There are lots of customer testimonials that show who we actually are and what does it mean to us to retain a customer. We just need you to call us and leave it to us to service you better.


We also provide lots of features based on the limo that you book. We ensure privacy for you during the trip and this is done with the tinted glasses on the limo. We have many power switches and hands free port based on your comfort and even DVD player with surround sound. We also provide you the latest LCD TV facility with personalized ear plugs. Comfort is another watch word in our service. We ensure that we provide you the complete comfort more than your expectation with high quality soft leather.


We are there to accommodate all your needs with extra care and quality. We also provide lot of bonus offers and we are ready to customize it just for you. All you need is to call us and we will ensure that you call us back for your next trip in a whole new world of luxury redefined. We have proven our services to be the best in Scarborough and we can operate all over. Call us and let us know your requirement and enjoy the comfort.

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