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Executive Coach Limo

The mission and vision of Sizematters.ca for the profound services is the facilitation of extraordinary experience and mind blowing enjoyment to the privileged client that will make them want more and more! We provide our staff members with a strict training and professional regimen to go through, which allows them to excel in their hospitable attitude and discreet knowledge. Since the past few years, Sizematters.ca is acclaimed as one of the esteemed and the most premier facilitator of personal and corporate transportation in Quebec, GTA, Ontario, and other regions of Canada.


All our chauffeurs and security staff members undergo strict training sessions on safe and comfortable driving, in addition to the customer etiquette, mannerisms and speaking politely. Since mostly, the government executives and the business biggies travel on a time crunch; you can proactively save their time and make an impression by providing them comfort and luxury after deploying our transportation services. With our maverick and skilled capabilities, the executive corporate limousine can take your business clients from one conference venue to another in a very less time ensuring you emerge as a winner of the deal!


Features of an executive coach limo:


Because your happiness and success is our goal; we offer you with such exquisite features that are sure going to overwhelm the whimsical side of you and your client.


  • Tinted windows ensuring enhanced privacy and safety
  • A fully functional and operating stained rosewood bar
  • Hands free ports and switches
  • Many power outlets
  • DVD player with surround sound technology
  • LED lighting to create the perfect ambiance
  • A latest technology based LCD TV along with earphones
  • Full length comfortable seating made of high quality soft leather


All these are standards features and some other top notch customizable features like providing security staff for added security can also be offered on the basis of your requirements.


Executive services provided by Sizematters.ca will make you the winner!


Availing our executive high end services and transportation offers will assure that your business clients are left with an everlasting impression of gratitude and hospitality. Show off your sense of style and character to your business partners by employing us as your car services facilitator.


By appointing and including only the finest and perfectly exhilarating vehicles and luxury cars in our fleet of executive coach limousines, we assure that you are delivered the best among the lot. Even the most discerning customers will be highly impressed by our trained, professional and precise chauffeurs and hospitable staff people.


At Sizematters.ca, we believe that hospitality and gratitude is demanded from the host. Hence, we are proud to represent you in every possible way as the best host in front of your esteemed clients so that the foundation of a healthy relationship between you and your client can be set and established. Feel free to call us, fax us, or register yourself at our site if you have any doubts and want to know more about our various services. We greatly welcome you to the auspicious start of all your endeavors!